September 23, 2015, the 10th Session of Members of Congress of China Institute of Navigation Rescue & Salvage Professional Committee and Academic Communication Meeting were held in Beihai City, China.

Chairman of China Institute of Navigation, Mr Zuyuan Xu, attended the congress and delivered a speech, Deputy Director of the Committee, Mr Haoquan Zhao, presided the congress, which had over 180 delegates from more than 100 member units of China Institute of Navigation Rescue & Salvage Professional Committee attended.

During the meeting, Mr Yanmeng Zhang, Deputy Director of the Committee, announced the election results of the 10th Session of Rescue & Salvage Professional Committee. Mr Zhenliang Wang, Director of China Institute of Navigation Rescue & Salvage Professional Committee, General Director of CRS delivered the opening address.

Mr Zuyuan Xu made an important speech, stressed that as bridge and link to exchange and cooperate culture in the field of maritime rescue and salvage, Rescue & Salvage Professional Committee should seriously implement the spirit from the central and upper’s leading, firmly grasp the new situation, set up the new way of thinking, cultivate new ideas, bring out new initiatives, pay more attention to strengthen its own capacity building in the six following aspects: “Promote rescue and salvage academic exchanges, enhance the independent innovation ability, the construction of the home of rescue and salvage workers, the cultivation of rescue and salvage talents in science and technology, deepen exchanges and cooperation with international countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan respectively, strengthen the ability construction of its own.”

Mr Dingliang Lu, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee, General Director of Donghai Rescue Bureau, delivered work report of the 9th Session of the Committee. He summarized the achievements of the 9th Committee and experience from their work in the past five years. After that, he has carried on the arrangements or the 10th Session of the Committee's work.

The congress mainly focused on major disaster accident emergency rescue and the research and development, new technology of rescue and salvage, in-depth research and discussion of the problem, and the application of the related equipment and Marine engineering services and so on. The meeting was also equipped with advanced diving salvage equipment to display.


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