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Sharing is our focus in this issue of LIFE LINE. Here is a fine example. Emmanuel Mezoh Dolakeh is studying Maritime Safety & Environmental Administration at the World Maritime University in Malmö, Sweden. IMRF Members the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS) invited him to spend some time at their rescue station on the island of Rörö: a voluntary station with a fast 16 metre rescue cruiser, Märta Collin, and an 8 metre rescue boat, Marianne Bratt. The station also has some small rescue runners.

Emmanuel takes up the story:

I must first of all acknowledge the way in which I was welcomed and accommodated on Rörö Island. I very much appreciate the hospitality accorded me by the SSRS family.

The one-week visit in itself was indeed a rewarding learning involvement that will linger in my heart forever. For me, there are three outcomes from the visit: the power of volunteerism that drives SSRS, boating, and sightseeing!

This is especially true for volunteerism as the visit was much more people-centered than I had earlier anticipated, being surrounded with big-screened communications equipment.

Then, I realized through my interaction with the SSRS personnel, that it is not only the fascinating technology that moves an organization but the committed people who are the driving force behind its success. SSRS staff and volunteers come from all sorts of background and disciplines, yet they are able to effectively and efficiently gel their various knowledge and skills to achieving a single target, which is preventing loss of live in Sweden’s waters.

I was particularly struck by this powerful message that everyone in a society can and should delegate his/her free time in doing some sort of voluntary work for the good and benefit of the society. And I must admit that it has moved me in a motivating way to start some volunteerism work back home upon my return.SSRSboat

Going out on the boats was kind of new for me. Though I had sailed on a much larger ocean-going vessel, I have not had the experience of cruising in an open boat. This was indeed fascinating. Also, the boats were all integrated with navigational equipment which gave me a closer picture, again for the first time, of how they work.

As my job (with the Liberia Maritime Authority) transitions from one that is highly technical to one that is more managerial, the education and new experience which have been and will be acquired here in Sweden will go a long way in helping me on the job as well as shaping my vision for my local society.

I really enjoyed my stay with the crew at Rörö Station. I thank you all once again and would be glad to stay in touch with all the new connections this visit has provided me.


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